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    Hi everyone,

    I would love to have a session devoted to discussing some issues relevant to mobile media culture. Possible topics of interest to me include:

    • Site-specific storytelling with mobile devices
    • Mobile and pervasive games
    • Performance and art using mobile media
    • Locative social media
    • Changes in spatial experiences due to mobile technologies (e.g. the reassertion of proximity)
    • Social changes brought about from the mobile internet (including site-specificity of information, effects on time/space/embodiment, and the evolution of content)
    • Mobile media and the digital divide

    Those are a handful of the big ideas that I’m interested in and we can absolutely narrow it down if you are interested in discussing some of these topics. I would also be up for either creating a location-based narrative, playing some mobile games (from geocaching to Gigaputt), or going Foursquare badge hunting with any of you during the conference!

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  1. Terry Brock says:

    I’d love to talk mobile media also, as it is something that I think could be used for public archaeology quite effectively, since archaeology is inherently site-specific. This could be translated well into a number of other disciplines as well, I would imagine. I have dabbled some with using Foursquare for this, and I am waiting patiently for PlaceThings (www.placethings.com/) to come out…

    And yes, Foursquare badge hunting would be fun.

  2. Jason Farman says:

    This sounds great, Terry! Some other options in lieu of PlaceThings might be Stickybits or Tales of Things. Also, in terms of a Foursquare badge hunting expedition, here’s some interesting reading: mattersofgrey.com/foursquare-badge-list/

  3. mebrett says:

    I’ve been curious as to how some of the popular geolocation apps (gowalla, foursquare) might be used to encourage visitors to visit mulitple museums and historic sites – telling a story over multiple sites.

  4. wendyhsu says:

    I’m interested in the incorporation of geolocation tools in performance genres (music, in particular), from the perspective of an experimental music performer and teacher. Thanks!

  5. Eric Johnson says:

    Like Megan, I’m based out of a historic site (Monticello) and we’re just starting to think hard about how we might effectively use mobile tech there (beyond simply “checking in”). We’ve got ideas ranging from AR to mobile story-telling to large travelogues. How can we truly enrich the visitor’s experience through mobile devices and not simply have a one-off “oh, that’s fun” experience.

  6. vfhwebdev says:

    +1 for me. I’m very interested in this topic.

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