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NMAH Story: Story

I am a nurse in a small town family doctors office. I remember hearing people talking about a plane crash in the waiting room. Then the other news was revealed to us in bits and pieces. We were not able to get the full story! It was so frustruating. As I brought patients back to see the doctor they would fill me in. We tried, in vain, to get our little radio to tune into a station for more information.

I remember finally getting to go to lunch. We walked into the hospital cafeteria, usually a nosiy bustling area. It was silent except for a TV brought in by the hospital administration. I remember purchasing a lunch and then watching in horror the news unfold in front of me. The four of us sat and cried together.

I worried about my kids - one at school and one with the babysitter. I worried for my husband, at work at General Motors. I mostly worried for my parents who lived within a mile of Oceana Naval Jet Base in Virginia Beach.

It was a very long and miserable day.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

I have let myself become more aware of world news. I made a point to learn about the different countries and what they are fighting for.

I also have started teaching my kids not to fear evil but to pray!

NMAH Story: Remembered

The nation finally becoming one and praying. It was nice to see a president recite scripture and use the name of the Lord. My children attend a parochial school and can't understand why their non-parochial friends didn't pray after that. When President Bush quoted scripture that told my kids "it's ok to show your faith."

NMAH Story: Flag

Yes. My family and I participated in 2 candle light vigils that brought our small town together.

I was even featured on the front page of our local news tying patriotic balloons to my mailbox.


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