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NMAH Story: Story

I was in school, 8th grade, Sussex Middle School- I had just gotten into my 5th period class- Mrs. Hock, Language Arts. She had looked at us and said, that she heard something about it, but sort of didn't really think it was true, until students started being called out of class- to go home, a family member was there at the school to pick them up, maybe a family member was involved or something, or some parents just thought that their kids, being home during this horrible crime, would be the best for them. By then, the attacks had already happened, not knowing EXACTLY what had happened, and why it did. We knew that 2 airplanes, had hit both of the trade centers, not yet did we know that the pentagon was hit also. We had very little information about this, considering, the principal didn't really want anyone to turn on the TV to see what had happened, and the mess that it had left. We had first thought that it was just an accident, until we realized that it wasn't and that there were terrorist who really wanted to purposely do this. I think this is the stupidest thing someone could've done, not only did it effect the world, it affected the people of the united states. We have stayed united, and we will continue. And I hope that one day, Bin Laden, will be caught and will be killed, because of the fact, that he put so many families, through a lot of problems, emotions, and feelings, and many were heartbroken. I was lucky enough not to have anyone of my family members involved with this, except my aunt, who works close to there, she had left the scene, as soon as she could, to go home, to her family. and I praise God for keeping her safe, and unharmed.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

It has changed my life. A lot. I see the people that have been killed in this crime, and i have seen the problems it has caused us, but overall, i believe that we are a united country, and that this attack, has not only brought this country closer, but we take alot more precautions now, then what we did, before the attack.

NMAH Story: Remembered

I think that all of the people that have died, the firemen that were involved, and helped cleaned up everything, the families of lost loved ones, the police men who did all they could to save people, and i think that we should always remember this time, and i think that we should wear red, white, and blue on every September 11th, for the rememberence of these people, and to take part in the pride of the firemen, the people that survived, and the police men that had tooken part in this horirble crime.

NMAH Story: Flag

I feel that the American Flag, has always had an importance in many lives. Well, for me it has. Standing there in the morning, before school starts, saying the pledge of allegiance. Many kids think that there is no point to the allegiance.. there is, a very big one. I guess my feelings about the American Flag has stayed the same...except, now I believe that it represents our country a lot more, and people understand it.


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