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NMAH Story: Story

September 11th, 2001. It was the day after my 15th birthday, I woke up with a smile on my face. It was just like any other day. I showered, went to school, nothing was special or out of the ordinary. I went to my first hour class which was physical science and then I headed to English. I was still somewhat groggy, not quite awake. English started out normally but before I knew it I saw teachers start going in and out of their classrooms. It seemed a little unusual but I figured that there was some sort of a staff meeting or announcement or something. Then the vice principal came and took our teacher out of the room for a little bit. Ms. Eld, my teacher, came back into the room and then two sophomores ran in and started talking really fast. Ms. Eld shooed them out of the room and said that "we didnt' know about IT yet." This made me a little curious, I was then expecting something really great had happened to our school or something. Then Ms. Eld said that something had happened in New York that morning and it was something that would effect our entire nation. A look of distraught was in her eyes and when she flipped on the television the nightmare became real. My mouth literally dropped open and my heart sank deep into my chest as I watched our buildings go up in smoke and the ash and soot covered helpless people. Heading to my next class I heard someone say "don't worry you guys, it doesn't affect us." I wanted to scream, "yes it does!" September 11th changed America, it did and continues to affect us because we are American citizens. There have been several changes since then, some big and some small that have been made anywhere from security issues to wheather or not to declare war. I was very thankful that in German, our teacher had us sit down and just watch the TV and write and write about what had happened and was going on in our nation. Becuase that day just dragged on then but now I can't remember much of it. My story isn't very special or unique but it is what it is and I will never forget it.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

My life has changed in many ways since 9-11. I used to just wrap myself in a blanket of safeness becuase I thought that America was indestrucatble, unbeatable, and the most powerful nation. Since then I have not really felt any less safe but each day that I am alive I try not to take it for granted. I have changed the way that I think about things. I try to stay more alert and aware of my surroundings. I watch the news because it matters to me what happens to America because I am an American citizen and that means a lot to me.

NMAH Story: Remembered

I think everything should be remebered. There are probably some parts that some of us would rather forget but it is important that we don't because this event needs to be remembered. Terrorism is a big issue and we need to remember the devestating consequences that it can evolve into. We also must remember all of the lives that were sacrificed and espeically the men and women that fought to save those lives. Mostly it should be remembered because of the fact that it united America and it's people. It is sad that such a catastrophic event was needed to pull us together but the outcome has held a tremendous impact. Never have I ever been more proud to be an American citizen. Terroism might think that it succeeded on September 11th but I know the truth, that day was not only pain and agony, it was also triumph because I believe today, we are stronger than we ever have been and we will only grow stronger from here.

NMAH Story: Flag

My family personally does not own a flagpole so we did not fly a flag. Although I am always in full support for all of those that do. I have grown up learning to hold great respect for the American flag. But since September 11th, I now have a different feeling about the flag and what it stands for. Think about it, the American flag is what brought us together as a nation from the fisrt 13 colonies, the flag is what has gotten us through the wars we have fought together, the flag is what we as America stands for, freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How can you not be in love with something that stands for that many things. Red, white, and blue are our colors, American's wear them with pride because those colors are the very heart of our nation.


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