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It was the first week of my senior year in college. I was getting ready for my 9:35 class, and I had Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel on because I was interning at FNC at that time. They were reporting that a plane had hit one of the towers. I immediately called my friend and asked if she knew what was going on. As we were talking, we saw the second plane hit, live on television. We immediately agreed to meet each other on the top of Hofstra's library.

From that tenth floor, we had an amazing view of the NYC skyline. I have fond memories of my old dorm, on the 14th floor, with a spectacular view of the city. Now, a small crowd of us watch that skyline fill with smoke just some twenty miles away.

Without knowing exactly what was going on, we split up and headed to class. But only a short time into class, a student ran out crying about a parent who worked in the WTC. That's when our professor was notified by his secretary that the Pentagon had been hit. He dismissed us all right away.

From there, I went my main building, The School of Communication, where there were several TVs. That's when I first saw the towers collapse. The networks were replaying the video. All these students and teachers were staring at the monitors, in complete disbelief.

After the towers fell, everyone's cellphone was out. I remember the landlines being plugged up with calls. My mom was trying to call me from home in Michigan. She was worried because she knew I had my internship in the city. As it was, I had plans to attend FNC's big five year anniversary near Battery Park on Thurs, Sept 13. That never happened.

RC Story: Response

Since I do not meet the physical requirements to donate blood, I helped my friends and fellow schoolmates who couldn't go home or who had missing loved ones. I stayed to comfort them and talk to them. Several of my close friends at the time were volunteer firemen with the Uniondale FD. I called to make sure they were OK.

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