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    Hi everyone,

    I would love to have a session devoted to discussing some issues relevant to mobile media culture. Possible topics of interest to me include:

    • Site-specific storytelling with mobile devices
    • Mobile and pervasive games
    • Performance and art using mobile media
    • Locative social media
    • Changes in spatial experiences due to mobile technologies (e.g. the reassertion of proximity)
    • Social changes brought about from the mobile internet (including site-specificity of information, effects on time/space/embodiment, and the evolution of content)
    • Mobile media and the digital divide

    Those are a handful of the big ideas that I’m interested in and we can absolutely narrow it down if you are interested in discussing some of these topics. I would also be up for either creating a location-based narrative, playing some mobile games (from geocaching to Gigaputt), or going Foursquare badge hunting with any of you during the conference!

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