1. Nate, this is just a quick line to say that I *love* this concept and I’m absolutely in for any THATCamp discussion that might emerge around it. A couple of summers ago, some of us got together to start a reading group on the subject. It sadly fizzled (I think summers are busier for DHers than for most academics), but the reading list was pretty stellar:


  2. Nate Kreuter says:

    That reading list is badass! Thanks for sharing. I just sent it to a couple people I know.

    I’m really interested in look at these issues both really broadly, and super particularly.

    I hope some critical mass accumulates for this idea, because we’re both interested in it (that makes at least 2 campers whoa re in . . .), and because I think it’s timely.

  3. Molly Dolan says:

    One of the prime examples of the intersection of craft and digital would be Ravelry: www.ravelry.com.


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