• How do you herd your cats?

    One of my responsibilities at work is managing a FileMaker relational database which captures correspondence, documents, objects, theoretical objects, individuals,¬†institutions, keywords, and a myriad of relationship forms between them. ¬†As a result, I’ve started to think about all information which has to be organized in terms of relational databases.

    We all deal with a lot of information – data – in our work. So, how do you herd your cats? Relational database, fancy app, mindmap, home-made database? Are you still using 3×5 cards (or use them in addition)? It would be fun to yak about databases, etc, (especially with Jean, who just recently released her awesome historical database), but I’m also interested in taking someone’s dataset and having everyone propose ways to organize it.


  1. Jean Bauer says:

    We definitely need to talk databases/data structure. Count me in (and I’m flattered by the shout-out!:~)

  2. Gena Chattin says:

    Count me in too – the more evangelists for proper relational database structure the better.

  3. Yikes! Another session I wish I could be there for! Please take notes and share – following tweets is never enough, though I’ll try!

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