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    Wondering if there’s any interest in a simple, hands-on session on using/modifying/creating WordPress themes.┬áThis session might have some traction if there are enough folks attending who have ever answered “Yes” to any of these questions:

    • Have you ever wanted to modify a theme you downloaded, and have been mystified by what’s in there?
    • Do you have some wickedly sweet code in your own custom.php file, that you’re itching to share with others?
    • Are there some things that WordPress functions do by default that you’d like to change, but don’t want to change in WP’s core files?
    • Do you want to do a bit more with your WordPress than just display your blog posts?

    This session could cover just about anything to do with WP themes: Creating one from scratch, doing simple modifications to an existing theme, child themes, writing custom functions for themes. I’m up for doing a full-blown tutorial on how to work with WordPress themes, or we could get a group together to share how they’ve used WordPress for various projects.

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  1. mebrett says:

    In answer to your questions: Yes, No, Yes, Yes.

    I would be interested in either format, as I feel like I could make much better use of wordpress than I currently do.

  2. For BootCampers going to the Intro to CMSs session — we’ll touch a little bit on themes and what they do and how they work, but won’t get into the nitty-gritty at this level. To become one with theming, Jeremy’s session is the place to be

  3. Gena Chattin says:

    I’m embarrassingly new to WordPress (beyond the free stuff online), so yes, this would be helpful!

  4. I have lots to contribute to the “how I’ve used WordPress” version, but lots to learn from the “WordPress tutorial” version of what Jeremy proposed. Either way I’m in.

  5. Wendyhsu says:

    Totally interested to participate in this workshop, Jeremy!

  6. This sounds great to me. I wonder, would any discussion of omeka themes (with which I’ve tinkered a little.. and only just escaped with my life) take us too far afield?

  7. I too would find this interesting. I’m sure there is a more full proof way of modifying a theme than the trial and error of figuring out which lines on the style sheet correlate to which objects on the actual page. Or maybe not.

  8. Terry Brock says:

    I would also enjoy taking part in this session…wordpress is all trial and error for me…

  9. Eric Johnson says:

    I’d be all over this one, too–I have some themes I’d love to modify, but I’ve never taken the time to really be organized in my approach. Looking forward to it!

  10. Trey says:

    Looks like a great session. Would love to join this one.

  11. This sounds like an excellent session. I would love to learn more about wordpress.

  12. careysargent says:

    this sounds great I’d also love to learn more about wordpress.

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