Jeremy  Boggs

  • Title / Position: Design Architect
  • Organization: Scholars' Lab
  • Website:
  • Twitter: clioweb
  • WordPress Theme Hackery


    Wondering if there’s any interest in a simple, hands-on session on using/modifying/creating WordPress themes.┬áThis session might have some traction if there are enough folks attending who have ever answered “Yes” to any of these questions:

    • Have you ever wanted to modify a theme you downloaded, and have been mystified by what’s in there?
    • Do you have some wickedly sweet code in your own custom.php file, that you’re itching to share with others?
    • Are there some things that WordPress functions do by default that you’d like to change, but don’t want to change in WP’s core files?
    • Do you want to do a bit more with your WordPress than just display your blog posts?

    This session could cover just about anything to do with WP themes: Creating one from scratch, doing simple modifications to an existing theme, child themes, writing custom functions for themes. I’m up for doing a full-blown tutorial on how to work with WordPress themes, or we could get a group together to share how they’ve used WordPress for various projects.

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